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Some fact about our great city while you schedule a locksmith: Denver, is a quieter town with friendly people. The city offers more than 5000 acres of parks, playgrounds and golf courses. During winter, the Rocky Mountains create opportunities for the residents to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

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For our new local residents who come to schedule a locksmith after moving to your new Denver's home:

Welcome! Denver, so before you schedule a locksmith some more facts about this region, Colorado is the premier metropolis of the Centennial State. Located a mile above sea level, it’s also known as the Mile High City, and it has buildings that reach even higher than that. If you’re looking for a chance of scenery and think mountains would be a plus then it could be the perfect destination.

But nowhere is perfect. Colorado is a city like any other, and cities have issues. People moving in from small towns or even other cities will clash with the culture as much as they will get stuck up in downtown traffic. Here is a primer on things to consider before making a permanent move to Denver. Once you’re here, schedule a locksmith with us and we will take care of all your security needs.

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Top 15 facts about our great city Denver

Schedule a locksmith in Denver
Schedule a locksmith in Denver

1. Low Average Age
The vast majority of Denver’s population is under 45. It’s a city that caters to its younger population more frequently than the older crowd. That means the businesses which move in and rise to prominence meet the same standards that the hip, internet savvy crowd needs.

2. Urban Expansion
Denver isn’t just a big city, it’s getting bigger. With remote work and internet businesses growing and overtaking the old models of industry, Denver is becoming a center point for many major businesses and high earning careers.

3. House Prices
As a result of this desirability, Denver isn’t cheap. Homes can range of about $500,000 to own, and rent can start at around $1,500 for a single living space. Property taxes are comparatively low when rated against other cities, as a silver lining.

4. High Altitude
Being high up means the air is thinner. This comes with some complications. The weather is colder all year round, and headaches can be frequent for people with certain sensibilities. Temperature can drop by up to 40 degrees over 24 hours.

5. Low Humidity
Being that high up has some advantages. Colorado is known as the Sunshine State and gets about 300 days of sunshine per year. Despite that, because it’s high in the mountains, there is relatively low humidity, making summer heat far more tolerable.

6. Snow
Being high up and positioned in the northern half of the US, combined with the high mountain line and southeastern winds, means that when it snows it snows hard. Occasional reports of over 20 inches in a single night can bury cars, clog roads and damage unprepared property. It’s infrequent, but when it rains, it pours.

7. Traffic
It’s a big city, so of course, there’s big traffic. During the winter it’s especially noticeable due to the influx of tourists. Denver is within driving distance of about 75 different ski resorts and has an intercontinental airport where people from around the world come to ski during the peak of winter.

8. Food and Drink
Denver doesn’t just host up and coming technology firms. It’s home to the second most microbreweries in America. Everything from fine dining and wine to fast food and quality beer can be found in Denver.

9. Sports
Denver is an NFL city. The Broncos are notorious winners, and living in Denver can give you an edge to get on their winning side. They also have stadiums and fields for their baseball team the Rockies and their NHL team the Avalanche.

10. Mountains Only
If you’re the type who needs ocean waves or boardwalks, you’ll be disappointed to know just how landlocked Denver is. It’s nearly in the middle of the country, in one of its most mountainous zones. There are rivers and lakefronts, but none offer the same quality of nature that a true beach gives.

11. Marijuana
Yes, weed is legal in Colorado. It was the first US state to legally allow its sale and distribution. It is still illegal to consume it publically, and being high in public is as much of a legal offense as being drunk. If you’re unoffended by the smells and sights of cannabis, or you want to partake privately on occasion without the stings of legal guilt on your back, Denver has you covered.

12. Crime
We can’t pretend it’s all perfect. Denver is a big city, and statistically, those are some of the less safe places to be. The downtown area, in particular, has problems. There are homeless encampments that cycle in and out of the seasons. Last year there were also riots which broke out when protests turned violent.

13. Schools
Denver has plenty of prestigious schools from elementary to university level with national recognition. There are also plentiful trade schools for essential vocations that are always in need in a city environment.

14. Sight Seeing
Even natives of Denver have a huge number of potentially new and interesting things to do and see every day. There are landmarks and modern art, musical stadiums and seasonal art houses, museums of all kinds and the famous Stanley Hotel, which was used as the primary setting in the film The Shining.

15. Outdoors
Denver may not have a beach but it does have some of the best sights to see in America from a purely natural outlook. It’s not just for skiing, there are hiking trails and bike paths that go all around and through the city which lead to beautiful scenery. The rivers also allow kayaking and the mountains are climbable, with some summits over 14,000 feet.

A City in the Mountains

If you’re looking for a break from city life, the best Denver has is a change of pace. Things are a little faster than normal, with plenty of access to quiet nature for a slow and calming experience. If you want to live in the sun, and don’t mind some snow shoveling a few weeks out of the year, consider a new home in Denver.

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