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Locksmith services adjusted for the New Era & New Heights

The world has changed. A lot. so does the locksmith services list. In just a year. Many people made big plans that were put on hold indefinitely because of the pandemic and growing chaos in the streets across the world. For some, the home they knew, the old neighborhood streets and sights, aren’t home anymore. To our local friends and those who have just moved from hotbeds of action, you may want to consider a locksmith company where cooler heads often prevail. Literally.

EMERGENCY Locksmith Services

24 Hour

SCHEDULED Locksmith Services

By Appointment

For more details about our locksmith services in Denver, please contact our 24 hour dispatch

Locksmith Services 24 Hour Support
Locksmith Services 24 Hour Support

Commercial Services

From routine inspections and lock replacements to scheduled services monthly, quarterly or whatever customized frequency meets your security needs, we have a dependable and professional staff with a variety of commercial services. Our Denver Locksmith services right at your office or place of business, making it easy to schedule a visit.


Making it easy, we do home visits! From re-keying your doors to having the latest system installed, we offer residential locksmith services for any need. We can schedule a visit easily or come out for emergency service. Fast and easy, we know your safety and security matters, most.


From time to time, a key breaks in your ignition, your only entry point or unbreakable padlock. We make the extraction of the broken key simple, and we’ll even make a duplicate for you, onsite. We know how important it is to treat your property like it was your own and handle your situation with care.


Having a spare key is critical, although no two keys are alike, having an extra set can save you time and money. No key is too hard to replicate.

Locksmith Services Denver
Locksmith Services Denver 24 Hour

Automotive Lockouts

We know the worst feeling is getting locked out. That’s why we have technician’s available 24/7, making it a stress-free experience to get you safely in your car. Our Emergency services give you peace of mind, ensuring you’re given access to your vehicle, easily. From a broken key to needing a duplicate while on the go, we have you covered.


Every security system is unique. Need to have a pin-code reset? Looking to update to a new security system? We have innovative solutions and the ability to service any system.


Specializing in the most advanced of wireless entry systems, we can accommodate your home or office with the latest technology.

Custom work

Contact us for free estimate and advice.

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Our Mile High and profoundly prepared locksmith’s give a secure & secure arrangement for any lockout, 24/7, 365 days a year.

From car, commercial to private administrations, we have you secured for any circumstance.

Specializing in giving the leading client encounter & most proficient benefit, Locksmith Denver 4U is Denver’s driving locksmith.